Complex Analysis Assignment Help

Complex Analysis Assignment Help

Complex Analysis Assignment Help

When we talk about complex analysis, one of the things that you need to know is that it is a branch of mathematics.

To be specific it is a branch in mathematical analysis.

Complex analysis synonym is also referred to as theory of functions of complex variables.

The work of complex analysis is to do the investigation of functions on complex numbers.

It is important to know that mathematics numbers can either be divided into two parts.

That is ;

Real Numbers

Imaginary numbers

The combination of real numbers and imaginary numbers form complex numbers.

The branch of mathematics that deals with complex numbers is the complex analysis.

It also deals with the functions of complex numbers.

Complex analysis has both the independent and dependent complex variables.

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Complex function Theory Poles and residues
Complex numbers Green’s theorem
Linear functional transformation Classification of singularities and calculus of residues
Analytic continuation Taylor’s theorem
Laurent expansion Abell’s convergence theorem
Maximum modulus Holomorphic functions
Integration Construction and geometry of the elementary function
Conformal mapping The Poisson integral formula
Isolated singularities Derivatives and the Cauchy Riemann equations