Distribution is a branch of mathematics that is learnt as a topic in school.

It is said to be a function that explains the random variable possible values.

Graphs can be used to represent distribution of data among other methods.

In a distribution graph, the data can be spread out in different directions.

Some distribution graphs have their data spread towards the right.

Other distribution graphs have their data spread towards the left and others have their data jumbled up. Also there are other graphs that have their data distribution encircling a central value.

A graph where the data distribution is around a central value is called Normal distribution or Bell curve

Examples of these distribution graphs include; normal distribution, Chi Squared Distribution, Beta Distribution, Exponential Distribution, Cauchy Distribution, Levy Distribution, Fisher- Snedecor Distribution, Pareto Distribution, Gamma Distribution, Log- Normal Distribution,Weibull Distribution.

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All distribution curves have a mean, median and mode.

The mean mode and median in distribution may be used to interpret the skewness of the distribution curve depending on the position of the mean, mode and median.

The median is always at the center in all distribution curves.

A normal distribution curve has a line of symmetry at the center and therefore the mean, mode and the median are the same in size.

The measure of variability or dispersion of the data is known as the standard deviation of the distribution.

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