Functional Analysis Assignment Help

Functional Analysis Assignment Help

Functional Analysis Assignment Help

Functional analysis is a branch of mathematics analysis.

The functional analysis deals with the study of Vector spaces together with limit related structures.

The linear functions are also defined in these spaces.

The linear operator acts on the vector spaces.

The root of functional analysis is from the study of spaces, the transformation of functions and formulations.

Functional analysis can be applied in different areas especially where the need for comprehensive analysis of functions structures and spaces.

Examples of applications of functional analysis include partial differential equations, wave equation, boundary value problems, Schrodinger equation, and many other areas.

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Adjoint operators Haar measure on locally compact Abelian Group
Graphs Radon Nikodym property
Spectral radius Topology vector spaces
Gelfand transform Schauder Basis
Reflexivity Spectrum
Riesz representation theorem Liapounovs Theorem
Open mapping theorem Vector spaces
Dual of a Normed Linear space Banach Alaoglu Theorem
Unbounded operators Goldstein’s theorem
The geometry of Banach spaces Closed graph theorem
Characters and maximal ideals The double-double
Extreme points and Krein-Milman theorem Eberlein -Smulian Theorem
Vector measures Uniform boundedness principle
Bounded linear operators Computing the dual of Banach spaces
Markov Kakutani fixed-point theorem Self-adjoint and normal operators
Analysis of the spectrum of a compact operator on a Banach space Haar measure on locally compact abelian groups
Geometric equivalence Hilbert spaces
Adjoints Hahn-Banach Theorem
Choquet Theory Topological vector spaces
Spectral theorem for bounded self-adjoint operators LP spaces